See how people in Bristol and Somerset are using the Green Deal to improve their homes

The aim of this website is to encourage people in Bristol and Somerset to undertake low-carbon home improvements through the Green Deal.

It gives householders who have done this – for example by insulating their home, installing micro-renewables or draught-proofing their windows and doors –  the chance to share this with others, and to rate the installers who carried out the work.

You can browse the map below to find case studies near you, filtering the results by the type of home and by the type of improvement.

We are the Centre for Sustainable Energy, a registered charity based in Bristol. Why not check out our Home Energy Advice website to get impartial support and advice before undertaking your new home energy improvement project.

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Accredited installerThermabead

6 validated ratings What's this?

Approved Services Offered

Cavity wall insulation | Cavity wall insulation (HTT) | Loft or rafter insulation (including loft hatch insulation)

6 validated ratings (What's this?)

Rated on 30 June 2015

40 Ham Lane, Bristol, BS16 1EE

The roof insulation made a significant difference for the household, it's is warmer now - with less heating on. Overall, I recommend Thermabead for their work.

Rated on 30 June 2015

10 Seaview Road, Portishead, Bristol, North Somerset, BS20 8HL

I am very pleased with he work they have done. The installer came very quickly after the recommendation was made and they were proficient. The work was done quickly, no mess and no hassle free.

Rated on 16 July 2015

Bristol, BS49 4HB

I will rate them as 3, only because they didn't turn up for their first appointment.
Once here, their were really good, I actually recommend them. They were efficient, very helpful and did the work in very professional way.

Rated on 16 July 2015

Bramley, Hanning Road, Horton, Ilminster, Somerset, TA19 9QH

The worker did a really thorough job, and they even offered really good advice at no extra cost. They kept it all tidy and and I am really happy they they've been contracted to work to our house. The council offered this company, but I am glad this happened.

Rated on 16 July 2015

Kingsfield, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA2 2NB

I am really pleased with Thermabead. They provided super after-case and left the place really tidy. Superb people - they understood the property; they've also assessed the property really well.
The workers were all on time, it was a stress free job for me. I really recommend them.

Rated on 15 July 2015

Yeovil, BA20 2TE

It was a fairly quick process. After the initial enquiry a survey was arranged which was carried out shortly after. We had to wait a few weeks for an available time slot and the work was completed to a good standard

Unit 1-2, Shipston Close

Certification ID: BBAI8920

Tel: 0800 0210002