See how people in Bristol and Somerset are using the Green Deal to improve their homes

The aim of this website is to encourage people in Bristol and Somerset to undertake low-carbon home improvements through the Green Deal.

It gives householders who have done this – for example by insulating their home, installing micro-renewables or draught-proofing their windows and doors –  the chance to share this with others, and to rate the installers who carried out the work.

You can browse the map below to find case studies near you, filtering the results by the type of home and by the type of improvement.

We are the Centre for Sustainable Energy, a registered charity based in Bristol. Why not check out our Home Energy Advice website to get impartial support and advice before undertaking your new home energy improvement project.

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Accredited installerGregor Heating and Renewable Energy

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Approved Services Offered

Micro renewables
Air source heat pumps | Ground source heat pumps | Photovoltaics | Solar water heating

Space heating, cooling and ventilation
Gas-fired condensing boilers

Hot water cylinder insulation | Pipe-work insulation

Water heating
Cylinder thermostats | Heating controls (for wet central heating system and warm air system) | Hot water controls (including timers and temperature control)


Gregor Heating & Renewable Energy are an established and friendly Bristol-based firm of heating engineers, electricians and renewable energy specialists.

Quality work and great customer service are at the heart of our success and our customers can count on us to go that extra mile. Take a look around our website or give us a call to find out more.

3 validated ratings (What's this?)

Rated on 15 May 2014

Bath, BA2 3NZ

With the installers there was one guy who was nice but wasn’t quite equipped because his van had broken down, so he didn’t have all his equipment. It was a little bit annoying; he was frustrated because he didn’t have all his tools, and something that would have taken one and a half days took two full days. Then there were a couple of other guys coming in – one had to take a slate off of the roof to remove the old flue and put a new one in, then there was the electrician, plus the plumber, so it was quite involved really. But they were all happy and charming.....
The only things I’d say were that they came at exactly the time due or a bit over, and I wondered if they were coming sometimes. Also when I called the company they were a bit wishy washy to get through to the person I wanted to speak to. I was very pleased with the price – they were very fair. I was just a bit surprised they sent someone who wasn’t equipped. What I had at the end of it was fantastic. The electrician went through the digital programmer with me, which if I wouldn’t have had it would have taken me ages to suss out – that really helped.

Rated on 8 May 2014

Bath, BA1 5AE

They were very good. There was one man, very pleasant, brought sheets in so he wouldn't walk on the carpet and he just got on with it. I was very impressed because when he took the old boiler out they didn't have loads of people here all day. At certain times people came and took the stuff away and left. And I thought ‘this is very coordinated’. They didn't go into a lot of detail about the workings of the new boiler though. I just had a boiler fitted as I have a timer and room thermostat already. I suppose that’s why there wasn't so much input on that. I would have liked to have had a bit more details, but I've no complaints. Very professional, very nice people.

Rated on 6 June 2014

Bath, BA2 8HL

The installer was professional and proficient. He was friendly and very child tolerable!
He was really thorough in explaining how the boiler worked, and went through my new programmable thermostat with me a couple of times.

The only reason for not giving them 5/5 is that I wasn’t informed of how many workmen would be needed for the job or of the procedure… which meant I wasn’t aware that electricians would be coming separately, so when I came downstairs to find another two men in the house who didn’t introduce themselves it made me, as a single mother with a young child, slightly uneasy at first. Again, when the mystery of who they were was solved I found them friendly and proficient.
There was a little mess left behind (dust and wire wool) but nothing to really complain about, for me the quality of service over-rides a little mess.

After the boiler had been installed I was concerned, as I could smell gas outside. I called Gregor Heating to get it checked out, they were very helpful and soon came round to test the boiler, the test was very thorough and nothing was found to be wrong. Very good aftercare.

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