See how people in Bristol and Somerset are using the Green Deal to improve their homes

The aim of this website is to encourage people in Bristol and Somerset to undertake low-carbon home improvements through the Green Deal.

It gives householders who have done this – for example by insulating their home, installing micro-renewables or draught-proofing their windows and doors –  the chance to share this with others, and to rate the installers who carried out the work.

You can browse the map below to find case studies near you, filtering the results by the type of home and by the type of improvement.

We are the Centre for Sustainable Energy, a registered charity based in Bristol. Why not check out our Home Energy Advice website to get impartial support and advice before undertaking your new home energy improvement project.

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Accredited AssessorEvolve Partnership Ltd

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The Evolve Partnership motto sums up the company ethos. Evolve identify what's happening in their Client's market place and evolve their services to keep blue water between their clients and their competitors. This could be through product differentiation or delivery efficiencies.

Evolve use fully integrated case management systems to ensure that all their services are instructed and returned seamlessly to their Client's desktop.

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Southwick Farm Barn, High Street
PO17 6EF

Certification ID: STRA10068

Tel: 02392 200598