See how people in Bristol and Somerset are using the Green Deal to improve their homes

The aim of this website is to encourage people in Bristol and Somerset to undertake low-carbon home improvements through the Green Deal.

It gives householders who have done this – for example by insulating their home, installing micro-renewables or draught-proofing their windows and doors –  the chance to share this with others, and to rate the installers who carried out the work.

You can browse the map below to find case studies near you, filtering the results by the type of home and by the type of improvement.

We are the Centre for Sustainable Energy, a registered charity based in Bristol. Why not check out our Home Energy Advice website to get impartial support and advice before undertaking your new home energy improvement project.

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Find a Green Deal Assessor in Bristol and Somerset

The Green Deal Assessment consists of a property survey and is carried out by an accredited assessor. They typically cost in the region of £175, however some installers or providers may reimburse the cost if you install your chosen improvement with them and some installers or providers may offer the aessements for free.

The assessor will produce a Green Deal Advice Report which outlines your property's energy performance and describes how the amount of energy you actually use compares to the amount of energy you would be expected to use based on your type of home and heating system.

The assessor will then recommend some possible Green Deal improvements based on this information.

The list below includes accredited Green Deal Advice Organisations through whom you can book a Green Deal Assessment.  All them have signed an additional ‘code of conduct’ with which commits them to supplying customers with additional levels of service.

Not all these organisations are based in Bristol or Somerset, though they will all undertake work in the region if you tell them that you are calling in connection with OurGreenDeal in Bristol and Somerset.

There are 10 Green Deal Assessors registered with

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Have you had a Green Deal Assessment, or made low-carbon improvements to your home?

By sharing your experience of making low-carbon improvements to your home, you will encourage others to do the same.

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Why do I need an assessment?

If you're interested in funding energy efficiency improvements through a Green Deal loan, then you first need to arrange a visit from an assessor accredited with the Green Deal Quality Mark (all companies involved in the Green Deal must bear this logo and follow the Green Deal code of practice).

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Are you a Green Deal accredited Assessor?

If you are a Green Deal accredited Assessor and wish to have your details included on, click on the bar below to be taken to our Assessor registration page.

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